10 Great Winter Panoramas


Snow is a tough cookie when it comes to photographing it in 3D.  But it still lends itself to be an amazing photographic element, especially with scenes of winter panoramas of snow and snow-covered streets.  These 10 shots, including some HDR panoramas, are an awesome display of the snowy features of the winter season:

A Cheaper Way to Make a 3D Camera? Tips for the Frugal Photographer


Popular Mechanics recently featured an article on how to reduce the cost of being a 3D photographer.  How?  We picked up on a recent post from their site on how to make your own homemade 3D camera at home. Here’s a quick summary: 1. Create your own 3D Rig/Mounting Bracket As author Anthony Verducci puts …

20 Great Falling Snowflake Shots


Sometimes it’s wet.  Sometimes it packs.  Sometimes it’s annoying but most of the time it’s exhilarating.  Our views change about snow, but certain scenery always gets a warm feeling out of us for the cold weather.  Here are 20 beautiful pictures of falling snow, many with different views in front lens of falling snowflakes 3D …

The Festival of Lights: 8 Tips for Candlelight Photography this Chanukah


The Hanukkah festival gives us a special opportunity to take striking pictures, often using techniques special for candlelight photography. This holiday is also known as The Festival of Lights for good reason. Below, we’ve come up with a strong list of 8 tips and how-tos to improve and make sure you have the best family …

Helge Hackbarth and the Challenge of Modeling in 3D Photography

helge model feature

This is a short guest post from German 3D photographer, Helge Hackbarth.  Check out his other feature gallery on Snapily.  He answered our questions on the challenges of photo shoots for models in 3D. Photographing models in 3D is challenging because a typical shooting distance is about 2 meters and typical focal lengths are 75 …

Adventures of a Lenticular Virgin, Part I: The First Encounter


This is the first in an ongoing series in learning the art of lenticular design from the beginning from M.S. in Industrial Design, Marnina Herrmann. I never really put any thought into 3D printing prior to being asked to write for this blog. Why would I? As a designer I was always most drawn to …

The Lenticular Landscape: Photos So Real, You Can (Almost) Step Through Them


Remember that scene from Mary Poppins where Burt, Mary and the children are standing with their toes on the edge of Burt’s chalk drawings, about to jump in? It was the height of imagination in film, and it has been the dream of every child ever since: to have the ability to step from reality …

What’s the Lens Flare like on Mars?


The Mars lander Curiosity just set down on the red planet.  In the next few weeks, it will start transmitting some of the best photos ever taken of the planet’s surface. The Curiosity just completed the interplanetary journey with an extreme amount of hardware on board, including 17 cameras.  The above image is from the …