5 Holiday Gifts with a Big Impact

holiday gifts

Holiday gift giving can feel like something that’s become part of the yearly grind, between it being just another thing on your to do list and the pressure of the extra financial stress it can easily lose it’s personal touch. With Snapily’s products you can personalize you presents for a gift with a big impact …

Top 5 Animated and 3D Photo Gifts to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

3D animated gifts

Today is a day of thanks and gratitude, which we often spend with appreciating great food and lively gatherings with our loved ones … and tomorrow the holiday gift shopping begins! In honor of keeping in line with the theme of gratitude and appreciation for your loved ones, choose a gift this year that has …

Turnowsky Goes 3D for the Holidays

Turnowsky Bookmark

In my last post, I introduced you to the Turnowsky Art House, one of the most respected names in printing design. With their fun and innovative images, Turnowsky has gained a reputation for quality and creative designs that you won’t find anywhere else.  Turnowsky’s classic artwork has already graced calendars, notebooks, gift cards and the …

Turnowsky’s Art, Taking Design to New Depths

Turnowsky Art

For many people familiar with the design and printing industry, the name Turnowsky is synonymous with the culture and style. Created in 1926 by Viennese artist Walter Turnowsky, Turnowsky’s Art began as a printing house in Tel Aviv, Israel where they produced posters, books, and calendars.  Back then, Turnowsky’s original style borrowed from the old …

10 Great Winter Panoramas


Snow is a tough cookie when it comes to photographing it in 3D.  But it still lends itself to be an amazing photographic element, especially with scenes of winter panoramas of snow and snow-covered streets.  These 10 shots, including some HDR panoramas, are an awesome display of the snowy features of the winter season:

20 Great Falling Snowflake Shots


Sometimes it’s wet.  Sometimes it packs.  Sometimes it’s annoying but most of the time it’s exhilarating.  Our views change about snow, but certain scenery always gets a warm feeling out of us for the cold weather.  Here are 20 beautiful pictures of falling snow, many with different views in front lens of falling snowflakes 3D …

Snow & Ice for 3D Art


There’s more to snow’s possibilities than just snowmen and snow angels.  The temperature and your own ingenuity can make the winter a funner, brighter time than it already is. Check out these simple and sophisticated ideas from moms and professional artists to inspire your winter front-lawn antics with 3D art and other projects: 1. Giant …