Projections and Illusions in the Conceptual Work of Felice Varini

Elipses and circles in an interior space.

Stereographs remain the foundation in the world of 3D photography and film but stereoscopy is not the only tool available in the world of optical illusions.  Anamorphic projection provides a powerful technique.  Where stereographs take two pictures to recreate a scene using a two dimensional medium with the illusion of tree dimensional depth, anamorphic illusions …

10 Great Winter Panoramas


Snow is a tough cookie when it comes to photographing it in 3D.  But it still lends itself to be an amazing photographic element, especially with scenes of winter panoramas of snow and snow-covered streets.  These 10 shots, including some HDR panoramas, are an awesome display of the snowy features of the winter season:

20 Great Falling Snowflake Shots


Sometimes it’s wet.  Sometimes it packs.  Sometimes it’s annoying but most of the time it’s exhilarating.  Our views change about snow, but certain scenery always gets a warm feeling out of us for the cold weather.  Here are 20 beautiful pictures of falling snow, many with different views in front lens of falling snowflakes 3D …

Epic Retort: 15 Stupid Things Clients Say to Graphic Designers


The battle between graphic designers and clients is thornier than you think.  Designers put up with some of the more difficult sorts of clients because they’re not so sure what they want out of their commissioned designers’ work.  But the stupid things clients say have gotten a group of Irish designers to decide they’ve had …

10 Wonderful Layouts for 3D Web Design from around the Web


As a 3D web designer, the simple task of creating a functional web page can be difficult enough. If you’re designing a site from scratch, you’ll need to format every – single – inch of the screen, from background to text. You also have to make sure all your design elements function along with the site …

13 Awesome Christmas Tree Shots: Tips for Photographing your Christmas Tree

red white tree

Looking for inspiration photographing Christmas trees or snapping shots of Christmas lights this year? We think that the lights make this a prime time for colorful photos and we want to help you find some ideas. Check out this collection of 13 illuminated, detailed Christmas trees from Flickr. The above captures every single ray of …

The Festival of Lights: 8 Tips for Candlelight Photography this Chanukah


The Hanukkah festival gives us a special opportunity to take striking pictures, often using techniques special for candlelight photography. This holiday is also known as The Festival of Lights for good reason. Below, we’ve come up with a strong list of 8 tips and how-tos to improve and make sure you have the best family …

Helge Hackbarth and the Challenge of Modeling in 3D Photography

helge model feature

This is a short guest post from German 3D photographer, Helge Hackbarth.  Check out his other feature gallery on Snapily.  He answered our questions on the challenges of photo shoots for models in 3D. Photographing models in 3D is challenging because a typical shooting distance is about 2 meters and typical focal lengths are 75 …

17 Illustrious Autumn Shots with HDR Photography

autumn hdr

HDR lends itself well to 3D – 3D photography or post-conversion.  Its level of detail and ability to identify color vibrancy allows for a lot of leeway in terms of color loss or providing plenty of detail that might be lost otherwise in a simpler 3D photograph.  Autumn is the perfect example – deep gray …

The 3D Model Photography of Helge Hackbarth: 11 Anaglyph Shots


Helge Hackbarth is a photographer who owns and operates, a concept-driven, design and software-development company for 2D and 3D images.  He’s got a talent for capturing and emphasizing the elements of a model’s photo to get it to stand out in 3D model photography.  Check out this sample 3D photo gallery from Helge: Queen of …

3D Images of the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s Last Mission


Blogging over at, Emily Lakdawalla got the chance to cover the recent cross-country flight of the shuttle on the back of a jetliner.  Anticipating the Endeavor’s arrival at Edwards Air Force Base outside of Los Angeles on September 20th, she may have been the only one on the ground with a 3D camera: I wasn’t dwelling …

6 HDR Anaglyphs Photos to Show Off the Medium


Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve introduced (or reviewed) for you the style of High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR/HDRi), a technique that captures the full details of light and dark areas of images by taking a series of photos – at the same angle – of the same thing but at different levels of …

6 Works in Typography with Xara3D & Photoshop Effects


Xara3D is another useful application, especially for 3D typography.  Check out this small collection of awesome pieces from the last few years from deviantART: LUCAS Vi este recurso en internet y decidí probarlo. Hecho en Xara 3d y Photoshop. - luuqas of deviantART Translation: I saw this resource on the web and decided to try it out; …

Sampling the iOS 6 Panorama Mode


The iOS 6 Panorama feature is newly available for iPhones.  The reviews are only just starting to come in, but before we get to analyzing its performance and checking out how its pics stand up to use in 3D, check out these shots from around the web: “I am really impressed with the iOS 6 …

3D gif Files are the Next Big Trend on the Internet


If you follow social media, or are a big Reddit-user, you might be aware of how quickly a trend can spread across the web.  There are different examples.  Some things can go “viral,” being shared quickly and being seen by thousands, perhaps even millions of people within a few days or even hours.  Memes are …

6 Pieces of Mesmerizing Fractal Art


Fractals are extremely inspiring.  The examples here are accompanied with opinions from the artists and other perspectives on what these images resemble.  Clearly, fractals go well beyond the patterns they create.  But these works also have elements that lend themselves well to 3D conversion. This piece is titled Parade by DeviantArt member C-91.  The artist …

7 Anaglyph Images from Around the Web


Stereo conversion is a developing hobby for many amateurs.  Here are just a few samples from around the web:

10 Stunning Olympic photographs


The Olympics have only gotten more dramatic and emotional in the last week.  As they head into their second phase, the drama of the games has gotten to be gritty: American Aly Raisman celebrated winning gold by paying tribute to the Munich 11 – 11 Israeli athletes killed by terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics. …

8 Graphic Design Concepts Inspired by Martian Panorama


With the landing of Curiosity on Mars, it’s a perfect time to see some Mars-inspired graphic art from around the web. Mars Pathfinder: Winning the Space Settlement Art Contest organized by the National Space Society, Ray Cassel’s “After the Storm” imagines Earthlings colonizing the red planet: Mars from a Young Perspective: Mars, 2580: Red Planet: Might it also not …

Capturing the Games: 6 Defining Photos


The Olympics have been going for half a week. Controversies, tears and cheers have been inevitable results of the first few days, along with increasingly iconic shots of the games in action. Capturing the speed, agility and energy of the competitions have been photos taking stills as athletes zoom by the lens. The games are …