Dos and Don’ts of Lenticular Photo Selection

Lenticular Photo Selection Dos and Don'ts

There’s nothing like a photo that beautifully captures a moment in time, which is why I consider photography as an art form quite different from painting, sculpting, drawing and any other hands on creative process that I’ve practiced. I must admit, I didn’t do well in my photography class, if I’m to be totally honest: …

3D Lenticular Prints from Antique Stereographs


I would like to provide a basic DIY tutorial for creating 3D lenticular prints from antique stereographs. This process is a lot of fun to do, and combines the best of the old and new. Antique stereographs (also known as stereoview cards) can be found at many photo swaps, 3D conferences, and on eBay and …

A Cheaper Way to Make a 3D Camera? Tips for the Frugal Photographer


Popular Mechanics recently featured an article on how to reduce the cost of being a 3D photographer.  How?  We picked up on a recent post from their site on how to make your own homemade 3D camera at home. Here’s a quick summary: 1. Create your own 3D Rig/Mounting Bracket As author Anthony Verducci puts …

What is Maya? Autodesk’s 3D Software


What is Maya?  No.  We’re not talking about the civilization behind the failed Mayan Apocalypse of December 21, 2012, rather the 3D software platform.  Autodesk Maya is 3D computer graphics software developed by the Alias Systems Corporation and owned by Autodesk. It’s one of many programs used for 3D applications like movies, animation, video games, …

A 3D Printing Tutorial from SnapilyPro

S snapilypro

This is a quick 3D tutorial for anyone using the SnapilyPro 3D printing software platform. It’s totally recommended to review the guidelines that will automatically appear (as a pop up) on the screen on SnapilyPro when you click on the workflow you want to use. In this case, the “3D Image Sequence.” With this video and …

An Intro to 3D Features in Photoshop CS6


The tutorial below is a perfect introduction to the most important tools in Photoshop for 3D. This video from psdtuts features Steve Caplin explaining new features and major changes, for example: Elimination of 3D Move Tool in favor of Standard Move Tool The 3D Panel of CS6 vs. CS5 The Properties Panel

6 Works in Typography with Xara3D & Photoshop Effects


Xara3D is another useful application, especially for 3D typography.  Check out this small collection of awesome pieces from the last few years from deviantART: LUCAS Vi este recurso en internet y decidí probarlo. Hecho en Xara 3d y Photoshop. - luuqas of deviantART Translation: I saw this resource on the web and decided to try it out; …

Converting a 2D Photo to 3D Anaglyph – What to Know


This is part of our collection of introductory articles to 3D photography and 3D graphic design concepts. So you’ve just discovered you can make a 3D print out of your old photos. But, given you’ve just found this out, you might not have any idea what you’re doing. Managing 2D to 3D stereo conversion is …

Showing your “Love” for 3D Typography


Typography is a diverse and dynamic niche in graphic design.  There are endless fonts and patterns to work with.  Below is a tutorial on how to create the effect above, maybe for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion, something with this color scheme and theme would work perfectly for you: Start by creating each letter …

Wigglegrams Exploit the 3D Illusion


Wigglegrams are animated GIFs that create 3D illusion via just two (maybe) three images together of a similar shot but from different locations.  They’re very close in likeness to cinemagraphs, each instance plays on a loop.  This tutorial from Amnesia Razorfish beautifully explains how to make your own if you’re illiterate with Photoshop and small projects …