Snow & Ice for 3D Art

There’s more to snow’s possibilities than just snowmen and snow angels.  The temperature and your own ingenuity can make the winter a funner, brighter time than it already is.

Building with snow

Check out these simple and sophisticated ideas from moms and professional artists to inspire your winter front-lawn antics with 3D art and other projects:

1. Giant Frozen Marbles

This idea has popped up in a few places, but one blogger followed through with it.  At a preschool event in the snow, the kids were given food coloring and molds to make frozen ice sculptures.  One mother thought it would be awesome to make decorative lawn displays – simple marbles made by filling water balloons and letting them freeze.  After a while, the balloons were cut off leaving glass-like gigantic marbles:

2. Snow Patterns

Now we’re not expecting everyone that reads this to pull off what this artist did, but it certainly gives you room for creativity.

French designer Simon Beck will spend anywhere from five to nine hours a day working on a single piece using only his snowshoes.  Think crop circles, only for the winter.  He’ll sometimes be able to pull off a 3D illusion with his work, for instance with the example below.  Using a variety of shapes and geometric patterns, his final results might span several soccer fields.

3. Super Snow Forts

Maybe we remember our experience – perhaps with events like the Blizzard of ’96 in the Philadelphia area – where we had more snow then we knew how to play with.  We carved out the mounds of snow that covered street corners, making them into temporary caves with slides and connecting tunnels.  Did you ever get to use one as a base in a massive snowball fight?

The ultimate snow fort?  Yeah, probably.

Well, ideas like this above take it to the next level.  With the right amount of snow, cold enough temperatures and the right shaping tools, you can help your kids create a truly memorable fort to base their own snowball operations from.   Imagine building a couple of snowmen to ‘stand guard’ outside the fort? As far as amateur projects go, the above is one of the best we’ve ever seen.  But check out these other examples:

Snow Fort Girls

snow fort

bowie and the fort

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