Samsung NX-300 Uses a Single-Lens 3D System

The Korean tech giant has announced its new NX-300 camera model, this time equipped with a unique 3D photography system.  The Examiner calls it the “first large-sensor camera in the world capable of taking both 2 and 3 dimensional still and video images.”  The camera is not automatically equipped with the technology – the lens has to be purchased.

3D camera lens features large on Samsung NX-300.

It’s an upgrade of the 45MM f1.8 lens that Samsung has marketed for its other cameras. The camera is just the latest model the company has put out to go with its other interchangeable lens products:

Samsung has also launched a 3D-capable version of its 45mm F1.8 NX lens. The 3D version can be used as a conventional lens but also has two LCD screens that scissor down into the optical path when you engage 3D mode. These two screens take turns to black-out their respective sides of the lens, meaning a slightly different image is projected onto the camera’s sensor. The NX300 can capture and combine these alternating frames to create either 3D movies or stills.

Samsung says the feature cannot be extended to earlier NX models. The 3D version of the lens will cost around $499, rather than the $299 of the conventional version.

What else is new about the NX-300?

1. 20Mp APS-C chip

The super processor allows for up to 9 frames a second as well as 1080p HD for video.

2. Touch Monitor

It’s one of the largest screens put onto a camera yet, at 3.3″.  With a tilt capability and 768,000-dot resolution, the OLED minitor

3. Samsung SMART CAMERA App

The app allows you to instantly connect to several social networks as well as email.  You can dock your pictures in cloud folders as well (via AllShare Play).

To read more on the 3D elements of the new camera, check out this review from

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