2015 New Year’s Resolution to Organize Your Photos in 4 Easy Steps

On the top ten list of New Year’s resolutions made on the eve of 2014, getting organized came in second (losing weight was number one… no shocker there!) and of those who made said resolution less than half were still committed to it after 6 months and only 8% actually fulfilled their goal. These numbers can leave resolution makers with feelings of cynicism at best.

So how can we make New Year’s resolutions that we can actually keep? A few tricks are

  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Set specific goals
  3. Make short term deadlines within long term goals

On another note, many of us face the photo printing dilemma. Our computer and various devices are packed with photos to print. This one is not specific to new year’s, #obvi, but I think if you put these two challenges together you might just be able to come up with a realistic, specific 2015 new year’s resolution.

1. Edit

With the freedom of digital photography and high GB memory cards we can take and store tens of thousands of photos. This can lead to a pile up of duplicates or closely related images. Spend the month of January editing out and deleting the lesser quality photos.

2. Sort

Now that you have your top hundred or so, start sorting into categories. I sort my photos by those that I want to order single prints of, those I want to turn into photo books, those that I want to order larger prints of and then there are the gems that I’d like order a specialty print for, like snapily’s 3D Photo magnets.

3. Set a printing budget

Although printing costs are significantly lower than they were when the only way to view your photos was by printing them, when talking quantity printing costs it can add up. So set a monthly budget and keep an eye out on your favorite printing sites for deals.

4. Print     

Start Printing as you complete your sorted sections. Ordering 1000 single prints is not advised. They’ll simply go from sitting in your computer file to sitting on your desk. As you choose your first 50-100 single prints, order them and put them in their designated old school photo album.

For photo books, order them as you complete each “story”. For your specialty prints, order a handful of your gems at each printing interval and/or print at the appropriate season or occasion.

A couple of extra tips:

  1. Set deadlines for each of the four steps above. Creating and sticking to a deadline encourages further productivity.
  2. Keep up with the editing and sorting as you go. If you can, start the editing process with your photos while they are on your device.

Wishing you a happy New Year, surrounded by loved ones (or at least photos for them)!

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