Halloween Tutorials to Make Monster Eyes

As the holiday approaches this week, we’ll try to get you some more creepy tutorials to fuel your creative vein.  The first will look at creating a ghost effect. The second, piercing werewolf eyes. The third is for green, monstrous, Hulk eyes.  Click on the thumbs to see them or scroll to go through all:



These are just a few we’ve collected from around the web that can all contribute to the most central element of photo manipulations: eyes.  Even when drawing freehand, a lot of artists prefer to start with the eyes, seeing them as anchoring the face with absolutely nothing coming close to them in importance for making any drawing, graphic or manip.

Ghost Eyes

In this one from the boys over at dphotojournal.com, the right shading and light manipulations can create frightening, glowing eyes:

[Step: 1] First, I’m going to darken the image using the gradient map. So, Open your image (ctrl +o), go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map and change the gradient to black to white.

[Step: 2] Now change the layer mode of your ‘Gradient Map 1′ layer to ‘Multiply’

[Step: 3] You can duplicate your ‘Gradient Map 1′ to make the image even darker.

[Step: 4] Duplicate your background layer, and place it on top of the stack of layers

[Step: 5] Now select you ‘Background copy’ layer, go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare. Choose the 105mm prime option, set the Brightness to 100 and position the flare over the subject’s pupil.

[Step: 6] Repeat the Step 5 one more time to add a flare effect to the other eye

[Step: 7] Add layer mask to your ‘Background Copy’ layer, set your foreground color to black

[Step: 8] Click on your layer mask, choose a brush tool, set the brush size, play with the opacity, and start painting on the image to reveal the darkened image we did earlier.


In this tut, you get a look at how to create more detail, and Amy Lee of Evanescence is the test subject for Lorelei:

Werewolf Eyes


You can take the picture of Amy Lee that we used as her eyes are really bright.

Duplicate the layer.

Select the upper layer, and go to Hues / Saturation and reduce the colors of the upper layer fully.

Select the eraser tool, very small with sharp edge, we used 5px but u may want to work with even smaller size.

erase the upper (black n’ white) layer from the inside of the eye. Don’t touch the white area of the eye.

so u will get something like this…

Now to the interesting part.

Select the upper (colourless) layer again, and go to Brightness / Contrast.

The idea is to reduce both Contrast and Brightness dramatically, so that the face won’t be anything but a background anymore.

you will get something like this (feel free to play with the settings, depending on a photo, maybe you will need less or more of brightness or contrast)

For the final touch, select again the layer below (colored) and go to Hue / Saturation. We will add a bit contrast, so that the eyes won’t be that “pale” anymore, and will blend in better…


“Hulk” Eyes

In this last one, we try to deliver you the beast in a tutorial for creating the green effect of the Incredible Hulk.  Here’s a straight-up video for how to do it:

To get some tips on merging similar work with other photos or backgrounds for Halloween, check out Kevin’s tutorial from the Photoshop World Conference.

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