3D Design for Business, Part III: 3D Lenticular Printing for Your Business and Ad Campaigns

This is part 3 of an ongoing series on incorporating lenticular into your work offering. Click here to read part 1 and part 2.

In part 3, we are going to discuss as a designer, how you can show your clients that you have the creative edge they are looking for. The following tips can help you promote your own business and draw in new clients.

TIP #1: Market Yourself: Business Cards and Other Tools

Your business card is the little piece of your business that clients pick up at every meeting and take with them. If you make it memorable, they will be less likely to toss it in the trash the next time they clean out their briefcase. And despite the fact a lot of people say business cards are on their way out, the reality is they’ve become more expressive and defining than ever.  They’ve become more important.

Just by the novelty of 3D and Flip animation, you’ll find that clients hold on to these business cards like keepsakes and show it off to others, passing your name along more often than you’d think.  They augment your networking for you!  They show the “awesome business card I got the other day” to co-workers and acquaintances.

TIP #2: Make Your Portfolio even More Amazing

For a graphic designer, the portfolio is everything. A quality lenticular 3D print will impress new customers.  Add a few 3D and animation prints to your portfolio and engage your clients.  Even if they see you’re just getting your feet wet with the technology, they’ll see a willingness to learn and to become familiar with all aspects of your field.

TIP #3: Extend Your Profit Margins

Lenticular printing looks extremely expensive but the software available for lenticular prints has brought down the cost dramatically over the years. This is one technology where the perceived value is much greater than the real cost.  As a graphic designer it can be hard to charge a price that really reflects the amount of time and energy put into the work.

But, when using an innovative technology, like lenticular printing, you will find your clients are more willing to pay a higher price for a specialty job like this.

Lenticular UV Printing

The turn-around between mass orders and deliveries of prints is also quick.  Until recently lenticular printing was printed in long runs and would take at least 6 weeks.

This made lenticular printing out of reach for most small marketing projects. In addition, minimum orders of at least 500 are typically required. Today you can offer your clients a single print – (for an affordable proof of concept), a top quality lenticular image, and have it in their hands faster than they ever imagined possible.

So charge the perceived value of fancy, “rushed” work and enjoy the profit returns.  The industry’s efficiency is improving and will have major benefits to your business.

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