HumanEyes Adapts Your Work for 3D Printing

HumanEyes is the parent company of the Snapily family of companies.

With a clientele spanning from the individual customer to the corporate printing powerhouse, HumanEyes has been at the forefront of 3D lenticular printing with opimitization software that perfectly compliments the industry-essential tools of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

What is Lenticular Printing?

Lenticular technology might be mostly familiar to you from your childhood, or your early professional career in the 1970s and 1980s.  It was a step forward in projecting a 2D image with a 3D illusion and mimicking animation.  Today, lenticular plastic sheeting has been refined and made more qualitative.  Combine that with the ease of digital printing, and the cost of lenticular artwork, photography and printing has gone down dramatically.

Who are HumanEyes’ Partners?

Just a few of our partners include: Océ Display Graphics, Fujifilm, Kodak, Hp-Indigo, Caldera, AdVenture, KBA, Gandinnovations, DPLenticular, Microlens, Pacur, iAPHC,, DuraGo and Tekra.

What programs (for MAC) does HumanEyes offer?

HumanEyes services photographers, graphic artists and graphic designers.  The following three software packages are the ultimate compliments to 3D rendering and graphic design programs:


Capture 3D is HumanEyes’ corollary to photo-edit software.  You can create advertising, packaging and point-of-sale promotional items in 3D with this HumanEyes software. The program lets you easily capture any image with a standard digital camera and then convert it into 3D. The software is ideal for photographers and graphic artists, alike.

For more info, check out and its page for Capture 3D.

To purchase, click here.


HumanEyes Creative3D (for Mac OS) is a robust, technology-rich, design tool for creative professionals.  The software perfectly suits PSDs and Photoshop.  Other graphic art and graphic design software will see whatever works produced within it enhanced and optimized for lenticular viewing by way Creative3D; it enables users to create excellent animations, flips and 3D.

For more info, check out and its page for Creative3D.

To purchase, click here.


Producer3D is the powerful core technology making lenticular projects easy for printers. HumanEyes Producer3D enables printers to have full control over the content creation, design and production of printed lenticular projects.  It’s an end-to-end solution that manages the entire workflow of lenticular image production from lenticular content creation to interlace and pre-press.

For more info, check out HumanEyes’ section on Producer3D.


HumanEyes software will optimize the SnapilyPro process by which professionals and small businesseseasily order lenticular prints of their graphic projects.  For more on what SnapilyPro brings to the table, check out our SnapilyPro profile.