We’ve collected the most important articles and posts from around the blog:



  • Animating a Business Card – In this post, we’re going to see how to go about creating a flip-style animated business card.  A client sent me some of his best images posing for the camera to see which would be the best for the card.4
  • Event Photography in Nightclubs meets Lenticular – Here, Sarah Ginn captures the essence of her client’s nightclub business with an animated flip card featuring a working DJ, raucous crowd and awesome contrast of light and dark.
  • 3D Caricatures for a Custom Invitation - Alex Gallego shows us how he created his own wedding invitation utilizing 3d caricatures, from sketch to shading.


  • What is Lenticular Printing? – Living in a world that is actually 3D, trying to capture that . Lenticular printing has the ability to change all that, facilitating hologram-like images that designers can use to amplify an illusion of reality one hundredfold in depth and using other techniques such as flip animation.
  • The Effects of Lenticular Technology – What does lenticular tech do?  How is it used and where will you see it?
  • Lenticular Lenses 101 – Which lenses will you need to make your project a success?  Finer?  Thicker?  How do they work.  Here’s an introduction.


  • What is Snapily? – Snapily is all about making printing technology easy and creative. As the ones behind the first digital 3D lenticular printing service, Snapily offers a number of products using lenticular tech to creating 3D and animated effects
  • Snapily in the News! – Our company’s been featured dozens of times in television and internet media.  Check out some of our features!
  • Customer Videos show what our stuff is doing for amateurs, professionals and families that have taken to getting 3D gifts and mementos.




  • High Dynamic Range Images in 3D – German anaglyph expert Sascha optimizes the detailed photos of HDRi with 3D conversion
  • Graphic 3D Photomanipulations – Michael Oswald has been featured across the web for his amazing work turning reality into animated fantasy.
  • 3D Typography – 3D graphics can make any word fully expressive with design, symbol and color – optimal for true 3D conversion later.