Augmented Reality Fun for Kids (and Grown-ups Too!)

To me “augmented reality” sounds like one of those phrases that could go either way… unrealistic view of the world around me or the ability to view the world on a transformative level (as an artist I’ve been known to do both). And as an artist I’ve always wondered if there was a way to share the augmented reality of my work with others, which is why I was excited when I stumbled upon this hot app.

Brought to you by the Dover Publications, the colAR Mix app utilizes real time technology to manipulate images and bring them to life. The results are on another dimension… literally!

This kid-friendly activity falls into the category of “kids activities” that are just as much fun for the parents/teachers as they are for the children!

The colARapp is available on the App Store as well as Google Play. And not only is it great for children it’s simple to use too. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the colARapp
  2. Print out the coloring pages
  3. Now it’s time to color! (most pens, markers or crayons can be used to color the picture, just be sure not to go over any of the lines with a dark color)
  4. Open the app on your device and hold it over the colored image (you’ll see the picture turn blue, that’s how you know the app ‘sees’ the picture correctly)
  5. Watch your piece of art work come to life!

Easy + Fun = kid’tastic!

As kid-tastic as this when used for children’s coloring books the technology goes beyond elementary use.  In case you need a permission slip for taking time off of your “grown-up” tasks we got on for you: according to Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl G. Jüng, coloring is an excellent relaxation  technique for adults to use in order to de-stress. Still wary? Check out their trailer here… you’ll run to download the app and start the fun now!

De-stessing while spending quality time with the kids, fantastic!

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