Audience Gets Visual Overload with “The Hobbit”

The reviews for The Hobbit 3D have been mixed and not just for the story.  Peter Jackson’s experiment with 48 frames-per-second (FPS) filming is apparently still a work in progress after many early reviewers and some theatergoers reported feeling queazy from the up-and-coming visualization technique.  The technology was meant to optimize the 3D experience, but seems to have amplified some elements of current 3D techniques that actually cause people to get headaches when they watch movies.

As the movie mavens in the following video put it, they feel the method isn’t a total disaster but that it shows in The Hobbit that this is an experimental technology, making the point that even digital film didn’t look good when it was initially used in movies but has vastly improved.  Another problem besides the difficult pacing and high visual elements is the blend of CGI and live action, or lack thereof.   They compare it to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, where the graphics ‘blended very well,’ something that doesn’t seem to happen here.  Check out their review of the 48FPS experience:

The 48FPS issue is inspiring some pretty interesting parodies, including this from Jimmy Kimmel:

The movie is also showing in the more familiar 24FPS.

We want to hear from you: have you seen The Hobbit in 48FPS? Have you seen it in 3D? Tell us if the 3D was any different for you than with other movies. Comment below!

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