About Us

The Snapily Blog is a place where you can find all and everything about creating content and printing it in 3D or motion and a place for those sort of professionals and artists to contribute to the development of the creative design industry.  We’ve been in the field since the year 2000, driven by a strong and diversified pool of talent with worldwide expertise in computer graphics, general printing and particularly lenticular printing.

The Snapily-HumanEyes family of products provide a complete solution for large companies, small businesses and enthusiasts who want to express and leverage their creativity in photography, graphic design and various 3D projects.

We’re focusing on a trio of the most important fields in artistic and creative design: 3D, graphic design and photography.  The Blog is committed to bringing you an expanse of information on prevailing trends, new technology, tutorials and general information on the above topics.  On a regular basis we will have expert contributors with years of professionals experience and advanced education in their respective fields.

Here’s who we are:

Andrea is the Marketing Director at Snapily & SnapilyPro. Andrea has worked in online marketing since the year 2000, which means she’s older than Google! Inspired by Snapily’s technology and HumanEyes’ innovation, her goal is to turn the family of companies into a facilitator for collaboration, sharing and information in the design and 3D industries.

Eugene graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, specializing in Photography. Joining HumanEyes in 2007 as an Application Engineer and as a 3D Photographer, he spends the rest of his time adventuring the cliffs and the clefts on his mountain bike.  He has his studio in the office with all the coolest equipment.

Ben Denon has been an application engineer and trainer with HumanEyes since 2002. He’s been a part of the printing industry for 22 years as a designer, including newspapers like “Akhbar Khayair” and aerial photography magazine “Ofek Air.”



Tovi Vider is a freelance blogger with a degree in Illustration from
Manhattan’s Pratt Institute. Her time spent in art school combined
with her love of research and writing combines in Snapily Blogs from
an artists perspective. When she’s not blogging you can find her
expressing her other artistic talents of painting, sewing, baking or
doing crafts with her kids.



Eric Hammer is an accomplished author and journalist whose work has been published in a number of newspapers including the Columbus New Standard and The Jerusalem Post. He is an avid technology fan and has been writing about technology for over 20 years.