3D Technology Gives US Money a Makeover

It looks like 3D technology is just about everywhere we turn out heads these days, but you may not have realized how engrained into society this trend has already become. You may not have noticed, but as of October 08, 2013, a 3D element has been added to the American $100 Bill.  In an effort to prevent counterfeiting, the US Treasury has incorporated a “3D security ribbon” into the latest version of the $100 bill.

The 3D security strip is a blue ribbon that runs down the center of the bill.  The revolutionary 3D strip is made up of hundreds of thousands of micro lenses that change the images within the ribbon from 100’s to liberty bells depending on how the bill is positioned.  The coolest thing about the 3D strip is that the ribbon is actually woven right into the bill as opposed to printed atop of it.

Other counterfeit preventing measures to the bill include a hologram liberty bill that has been placed within the inkwell at the bottom right of the bill.  The color-shifting bell changes from copper to green depending on which angle you view it from. The 100 image placed to the right of the inkwell also has the copper-to-green color changing effect.

For a breakdown of all of the added security features on the new $100 bill, check out ABC’s helpful infogram: 

This isn’t the first time that governments have added a 3D element to official documents in order to prevent fraud.

In 2008, the Ontario government in Canada added a hologram image to driver’s license, in an effort to detour counterfeit production.  The personalized hologram image placed on the bottom right of the card has made reproducing licenses exponentially more difficult than the previous, non-hologram version.  Since introducing the new security measures, several other Canadian provinces, American states, and European countries have incorporated holograms to government issued IDs and travel documents.

Has your country added a 3D or hologram element to official documents? Let us know in the comments section!

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