5 Inspirational 3D Commercials

Over the past few years we’ve seen lots of 3D technology used for movies, and now the commercial advertisement industry is getting on board too. The use of 3D technology in videos is amazing not only because it looks so cool, but also because it utilizes the power of fantasy in a way that can reach out and grab the viewer in way that feels so real.

Here’s a list of my top five inspirational 3D commercials out right now:

  1. A campaign to inspire drivers to reduce their speed, this commercial has a strong message that illustrates the fragility of life and the human body in a heart shattering way. Watch the 3D commercial here.
  2. Whether or not you understand the language the message here is clear, as clear as a glass jar. Watch the 3D commercial here.
  3. As an artist I so appreciate this one!  Bringing a “doodle” to life is something that brings joy not only to the artist but to the viewer as well. Watch the 3D commercial here.
  4. How do you save the world from destruction… with a rocking song and some cool moves, of course! Dance inspiration is one of my favorite kinds of inspiration. Great job KIA! Watch the 3D commercial here.
  5. OK, so I realize coffee may not be “inspirational”, but as a coffee lover I just couldn’t leave this one out! But to keep with the inspirational theme, here’s my rationalization for including this one: A coffee commercial based on the process of making coffee can count as inspiration since it’s aroma inspires so many to get out of bed in the morning… right? Watch the 3D commercial here.
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