3D Camera Phones: What’s in store for Samsung Galaxy S4?

Samsung will be releasing its S4 model soon, and rumors are abuzz that it will have more 3D features including a new 3D digital camera.  One story on PC-Tablet reports that the camera will have a 13 megapixel sensor it has reserved since releasing its Note 2 in the summer.  Not only will the camera be able to take still photos, but also 3D videos.  The videos will be playable on HD-capable 3D TVs.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Will the phone have a panorama feature?  The iPhone 5 features a 3D panoramic camera that is begging for Samsung’s response. Google’s Nexus 4 also features a 3D panorama element in its camera, so the response seems to be its inevitable inclusion in Samsung’s phones, particularly its next one.

Other features are rumored for the phone.  Supposedly it will have an improved quad-core Exynos processor – a processor line owned by Samsung.  As we alluded to, it will include HD capability, giving it a full 1080p OLED screen that will be larger than both the S3 and iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 3D camera will be stronger.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Concept Art

T3.com speculates the new model will be released around mid-summer 2013, about a year after the S3.  Rumors that the phone would be revealed in February or March were recently refuted by the Korean company.

See more of the iPhone 6 concepts or check out more on 3D panoramic photography here.

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