10 Animated Business Cards That Will Add Dimension to your Business

With the rise of Big-Data culture some say that business cards are dead. But while the means of communication may be changing the power of “human data” and the basic need for real connections is just as necessary to our makeup as it always was… including real business connections.

Check out three reasons that these little slips of paper are still on top when it comes to face-to-face networking.

Now that you understand why business cards are still number one when it comes to making business connections let’s talk IMPACT. The impact of 3D and Animated Business Cards.

Here are our top ten business card designs with an element of surprise that will assure your business stands out above the rest!

1. For those in the film/videographer industry our Cinema File animated business card will remind your potential clients that although we live in the digital era you still capture those precious moments with a personal touch


2. Whether you work in the lighting industry or not this Bright Idea animated business card is a great match for anyone who wants to shine a light on their company’s innovational approach.

3. Bring an extra dimension into the highly competitive field of Tech Support with an animated business card that leaves a lasting impression


4. Veterinarians know how much pet lovers enjoy an adorable animal pic and our Vet Clinic animated business card takes the cuteness factor to an entirely different level!

5. For designers, fashion industry professionals, tailors and the like staying stylish and relevant is an art form unto itself. Our Vintage Sewing Machine animated business card is sure to make your business trend while your skills will always keep your business in style.

6. We understand that architectures have big ideas and even bigger dreams and want to help you achieve them. Our Architecture Dreams animated business cards will help you build your business one 3.5″ x 2″ card at a time.

7. Whether you’re an eye doctor, optical retailer or a visionary our Clear Vision animated business card is sure to keep your business in focus!

8. With some many new business popping up its challenging to stay at the forefront of your consumer’s minds. Keep your company in orbit with this impressive Orbital Depth animated business card.

9. For those in the increasingly popular social networking and media marketing industry you know how hard it is to really harness lasting professional links. Be sure to remind your potential clients that you are a master at keeping the gears of business moving smoothly with our Graphic Links animated business card.

10. And finally, for the adventurous and creative entrepreneur you can come up with a completely personalized and unique animated business card with our Design Your Own (Vertical) option.

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